Welcome to U.S. Softball Academy, the sister company of U.S. Baseball Academy, the nation’s largest network of baseball camps, hosting in 250 cities across 44 states. For years, we hosted softball specific sessions at our baseball camps, but with the rise of youth softball across the country, it was time for our softball program to stand alone.

At U.S. Softball Academy Training’s program, players learn from high school and/or college coaches from your local area. Sessions are offered through age 18 in our winter/spring program, and through 15 in our summer program. These are not a lecture clinics. With a low player-coach ratio, each player gets individual attention in a small-group atmosphere. And with numerous age-specific sessions, instruction is specially tailored for each ability level. Overall, it’s the type of intense, professional instruction to which young players don’t normally have access.

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U.S. Softball Academy’s Mission

Building Better Players

We provide young players with a unique opportunity to take their game to the next level. USSA camps are designed to develop skills in all facets of the game with an emphasis on teaching proper fundamentals and techniques.

Players of all ability levels will be challenged with specific skill instruction and drill work throughout the 4-day camps. Drill progressions will be focused on developing good habits while improving overall softball skills. Each camp will offer 90 minute sessions each week covering the skills of pitching, hitting, catching, fielding, and base running.

During the summer, our full-day program will focus on skill instruction in the morning session. During the afternoon session, players will engage in situational baseball games, competition drills, and a Wiffle Ball World Series.

U.S. Softball Academy camps are the perfect choice to help your player learn, improve performance, and achieve goals in a fun, professional environment.

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