Four-Week Pitching Program

Our four-week pitching program is designed to emphasize proper pitching mechanics in sequential order. We start with the basics and work through a series of drills teaching the motion one segment at a time. Pitchers will receive instruction on grip, starting position, arm plane, release point, spin and finish. Additionally, we will introduce secondary pitches and pitching to corners. Please note that each pitcher must bring her own catcher (parent, sibling, friend), allowing for maximum pitching time and for coaches to work hands-on with each pitcher.

Our objective for all skills is to give each player a championship experience and provide useful information teaching proper mechanics, techniques and set up drills for the player to use at home for personal skill development.

This is not a lecture clinic. With a low player-coach ratio, each player gets individualized quality instruction in a small-group atmosphere for 90 minutes per week.

Parents are welcome to observe, and many youth coaches leave with a valuable list of drills they can incorporate into their own practices. The timing of the program is perfect for preparing young players for the season ahead.

The U.S. Softball Academy staff is excited about the opportunity to help you improve your game and achieve your goals!

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